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Electronic business of carriers in international transport

E-ITP COUNTER is a web application developed by the company E-Smart Systems doo that enables carriers in international transport to connect electronically with the database of the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure, and also enables sending requests for borrowing and discharging permits via the Internet.

Manage all data from the MGSI database in real time

With this type of electronic business, in addition to reducing costs, the following are provided:

  • Overview of individual permissions that threaten to block an account.
  • Display of the account balance of the carrier by contingents.
  • Overview of individual licenses taken by quotas for the current and previous year.
  • An overview of entered rides on time permits as well as a display of achieved points per ride and permit.
  • Overview of award coupons – list of all train tickets as well as information on their validation and realization.
  • Overview of the vehicle fleet and notification of the expiration of certificates, leases and vehicle leases.
  • Overview of annual plans and audits for the current year by individual, CEMT and annual permits.
  • Review of outstanding permits during the previous year (control report regarding the number of permits that will be the basis for determining the plan for the following year).
  • Disbursement of time and individual permits.
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Subscription for the eITP Counter is on an annual basis. In addition to use, it also includes full technical support when installing and working with the application. Access to the service and data security are ensured by a qualified electronic signature.

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