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E-Smart Systems doo Belgrade is a company founded in 2000. in Belgrade. Our company deals with the development, design, consulting, production, installation and implementation of IT solutions.

Our strategic commitment is to monitor, promote and offer the market the latest achievements within the IT industry, which is not always an easy task, but is the foundation of our success. We have chosen a project organization that combines the teamwork of our highly skilled staff and our special specialist knowledge and experience in order to provide our clients with quality, reliability, satisfaction and business improvement.

We stand out for the results achieved in the field of IT security, development of solutions for the financial and industrial sectors, implementation of infrastructure solutions and development of solutions and implementation of documentation management systems. As one of the first companies in the region that started using Cloud technology, we can offer our clients numerous hosting options and service types.

Over the years, the portfolio of services and products of our company has expanded, so E-Smart Systems today has numerous programs that focus both on individual customers (in the case of long-term cooperation) and on the entire market. The company offers products and services on the domestic and foreign markets to customers from a wide range of activities – from the public sector, through companies from all areas of industry to the financial sector. For all our users, the quality and security of implemented IT solutions are the basis for achieving outstanding results within their own activities.

Since 2011 In 2008, we established quality and information security management systems that we certified in accordance with international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Following the aspiration to provide our users with a high quality of service in the field of information technology in 2015. In 2008, we implemented a system for managing IT services and certified it according to the ISO 20000-1 standard.


  • To be proactive and future-oriented.
  • To gain new experiences through growth and development, and stay young.
  • To be professionals in everything we do.
  • To be simply the best.


Our mission is to promote and offer to the market new and superior technologies that will be the foundation of our users’ success, and thereby contribute both to the general development of society and to the improvement of the quality of life of each individual.


We have built our success so far on the basis of the knowledge and abilities of our employees, and we believe that people are the most valuable resource in the fight for success. In an effort to keep pace with the increasingly rapid development of information technologies, we have created an environment in which we value the opinion of the individual and combine creativity and innovation with the best business practice.


In order to additionally guarantee you the quality of the work performed, an integrated management system was implemented, which consists of a quality management system, information security management and management of the process of providing services in the field of information technology. They are certified by the world certificates ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000.

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