Systems Engineering and Security

Design, construction and maintenance of network and system infrastructure

Have you decided on an on-premise infrastructure?

You have acquired your own hardware and network equipment and want to use it in the best way, maybe connect it to cloud IaaS?

Have you decided to innovate your firewall infrastructure and internal security controls?

Do you want to implement the most modern protection mechanisms at the network and system level?

Want to develop your own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)?

Our system engineers are qualified and certified to provide you with various types of services: from consultations related to the selection of hardware equipment and appropriate system and infrastructure software, through installation and configuration, to monitoring, maintenance and testing.

Cyber security - from risk assessment to peaceful sleep :)

Do you want to improve the existing level of security of your information?

Do you want to comply with security standards and best practices in this area?

Do you want to choose the right framework for implementing security controls that will provide an optimal level of protection and enough freedom for growth, development and changes to your infrastructure and applications?

We will provide you with the highest quality consultations in the field of security, based on decades of experience, a wide range of forms for the implementation of standards in the field of security, as well as support in all phases of this process from risk evaluation, selection and application of controls to measurement and testing of effectiveness and preparation for certification.

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