New software products

Requirements... Expectations...

Do you need efficient , intuitive and stable corporate solutions for special purposes?

Do you want to further automate business processes, integrate new ideas into processes with existing tools, databases and services?

Is your business system dynamic and requires constant adjustments and extensions?

Do you want to apply modern technologies in the context of existing systems and business flows?

How can we help you...

You will find a reliable partner in our development team!

For more than 20 years, we have been developing dedicated corporate solutions for both the private and public sectors.

Our solutions are designed to last and return the investment many times over.

We have development engineers of various profiles and specialties, and we can develop new turnkey solutions for you, from collecting and analyzing user requirements, through solution design, including user interface design, to the implementation of databases, business transactions and services.


Your intelligence and our work on the way to success

Our developers and project managers are at your disposal to provide services in the field of outsourcing .

We develop database , web , mobile and service applications .

We have experience in integration with various external systems, processes and infrastructure for continuous integration.

Software maintenance

Software is only valuable as long as it's being used :)

You have invested in the development of a dedicated solution, implemented it in your business process, but you are left without a maintenance team?

Got source codes but don’t know what to do with them?

Want to preserve and enhance business value and lack a partner you can rely on?

We are here to secure your investment

Our team can help you regain control of the development process and bring your business applications back to life.

We carry out various types of migrations, redesigns and upgrades of existing solutions in order to move to supported versions of development and application platforms.


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